Such Sweet Sorrow, My Eye

“I would have to say loneliness is next to uncleanliness.”
– Janeane Garofalo

Today kick’s off J.’s final week at work, which means next week we head back East to see my parents for three whole days, which means two weeks from today we land in London…which means three weeks from today I’m back in the States, sans my husband.

I’m starting to get awfully depressed about the fact, but trying to buck up.  I’m useless if an emotional wreck and we’ve still got work to do in getting him settled in the UK…but I can’t promise I won’t collapse into a puddle of wimpy tears when I get home.  Dratted immigration law changes!

Small Dog...sulks.

I got really mopey last night as we cuddled on the couch watching movies – as evidenced by the fact that, when we ran out to get some frozen yogurt at the local froyo bar, I combined sour gummi worms with dark chocolate yogurt, a revolting combination.  Obviously my brain wasn’t working due to stress.  And then neither of us slept well, me because I was too busy trying to picture what it would feel like going to bed without J. by my side.  I can joke all I like about sleeping in the very middle of the bed when he’s gone (usually countered by J. claiming I already do anyway), but the prospect of actually not having him there for months is starting to feel…decidedly crappy.  To think, I used to like mostly being on my own!

Cheer me up, kittens.  It’s Monday and far to early to burst into tears at work.  What’s going on, good and bad, in your corners of the world?

6 thoughts on “Such Sweet Sorrow, My Eye”

  1. Dark chocolate yogurt with gummy worms?! I have eaten some bizarre things…and I’ve never eaten THAT. You may have just done the impossible. I want to make you a Girl Scout pin that says “Has Eaten Something Gross That Scarlett Hasn’t”.


  2. Due to the confidential nature of my job, I shant tell you stories on here. I will merely say that it will be worth your while to call me and that you should pee before doing so and not be drinking anything while calling. Love you!

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