The Signs Are All Here

“Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.”
~ James E. Starrs

A curious thing is happening, pumpkins.  Driving around campus on various errands the other day I noticed that on a very few trees, a very few leaves are starting to look…not quite…green.  Was there a smattering of reddish, yellowish Fall starting to creep through the chlorophyll?  Yes, I think so!  And the sun, which has been well above the mountains by the time I manage to pull myself out of bed all summer, is now not quite peeking over the crags.

The other way I can tell is the reemergence of weird phones calls to show that Autumn Term has indeed kicked off.  For example:

“Uh, police?  Yeah, we’ve, like, found this bike in this tree?  Can you come get it down?”

Fall is coming, kittens.

What signs are you seeing – or indeed not seeing – that Autumn is near?  There’s a crispness in the air this morning, but it is entirely likely that the temperature will shoot up into the 90s again before the day is out.  Mixed signals, much, Mother Nature?

2 thoughts on “The Signs Are All Here”

  1. I can always tell from the real difference in the light…lower, crisper, clearer. Cooler mornings. Having to slow to 20 mph while passing the school in town which I didn’t have to do all summer.

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