Time to Shop

“Know first, who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.”

Traveling posts return.  After you’ve gone through your closet and gotten rid of at least a third of it (stop hyperventilating, it’s going to be fine.  Fine, here’s a paper bag), you may become aware of a few glaring holes in your wardrobe.  And you should correct them – see, I told you there would be shopping.  Do you – or your husband who will be living there for 5 months without you – have a winter coat or rain gear?  Do you have a plethora of heels but no nice, casual shoes for day to day?  The clued up traveler recognizes when an item is necessary, but is also smart about obtaining it.  Here are your rules for shopping:

  1. Take a thorough inventory of what you already have, you don’t want to spend money on an item that you already own.  Or one that you, frankly, don’t need.
  2. Using that inventory, make a list of what you need to get.  Stick to it.
  3. Never buy something on sale that you wouldn’t buy at full price.  And never buy something at full price if you can find it on sale.
  4. Be honest in sorting things in the categories of “Need” and “Want”
  5. Stick with your own style, with one or maybe to exceptions.  You don’t want to kit yourself out in stuff that, upon reflection, you don’t actually like.
  6. Shun impulse shopping.
  7. Quality over quantity.  It is better to buy items that will last you a long time than spending more money replacing them over and over again.
  8. Shop wisely.  Is a sale coming up?  Wait for it.  Are there coupon or free shipping codes?  Use them.  Do your research, lots of companies use Facebook, Groupon, and email offers that you can use to save money.  Seek them out.
You're prepared. Shoulder your guns and go forth, minions. Everything in moderation though, eh?

2 thoughts on “Time to Shop”

  1. Accessories are your best friend.

    I buy fairly classic stuff and keep and wear it for many years — and get really sick of it! Accessories (i.e. new/vintage and affordably changeable bags, scarves, belts, jewelry, shoes, hosiery) can make or break a piece and change it up seasonally…I have a fab vintage silk shift I pair with an oversize silk muffler in winter (warm and chic) and in spring/summer pair it with a crinkly apricot tone muffler ($12? maybe) from H & M. It’s very, very hard to have any style without paying serious attention to accessories; too easy to focus on the major pieces then wonder why you look dull. I wear everything from a $5 vintage leather man’s belt to Hermes carres, sometimes even together.

    French women rock it…

    I would also suggest splurging occasionally on some truly amazing piece you LOVE and venturing beyond your comfort zone in style, color and/or price. It is too easy, esp. on a tight budget, to fall into a boooooring rut.

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