Adversity and Other Drugs

“Something cool,
I’d like to order something cool…”
– Julie London

Bad things come in threes, minions.  As if problems and delays in moving to only the only city I have ever loved wasn’t crippling enough (and can you tell that I’m trying hard to maintain this facade of adult-like maturity when I really want to throw a monster temper tantrum?), a very rude patron decided to complain that I was the one being rude to him!  In spite of a wide smile and attempts to help him as quickly and efficiently as possible.  And then our air conditioning went out and we woke up to a 90 degree flat yesterday morning, an event which was unfortunately repeated this morning as our landlords haven’t been able to fix it yet.

False accusations + heat + crushing disappointments = severe snark.  Although I fully admit Sav is having a much worse time.

Perk me up, kittens.  What’s going on in your corners of the world?


7 thoughts on “Adversity and Other Drugs”

  1. You already know! Africa interview coming up…fingers crossed.

    At least you have a/c to begin with. 😉 Sorry things have been stressful and frustrating, though!

  2. Poor you! Heat literally leaves people feeling murderous…

    The only useful thing I learned in retail about nasty customer is that, much of the time, it doesn’t matter what you say or how kindly you behave — it’s NOT about you. I use the phrase in my book, pre-pissed — they’re already out for trouble and you, missy, just blundered into range.

    Awaiting a phone call for a possible FT job, trying to stay literally and physically cool. Not much here.

  3. Switched shifts at work recently. Waking up at 5am was never a favorite past time of mine, but my disdain for early morning hours is only intensified now pregnant.

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