4 thoughts on “Best if Used By (or, C. Philosophizes)”

  1. I’ve used Olay (with SPF in the summers; traditional in the winters) since I was 14 or 15. My current obsession is finding a cream that fully stops the formation of wrinkles before they have a chance to start…

  2. Also, your quote BEGS to be in verse:

    We all begin with Clean and Clear
    to keep the zits at bay.
    And when we’ve left our teens behind,
    we turn to Garnier.
    Years pass, and soon it’s L’Oreal
    midst fighting off the gray,
    And then at last, if you dare ask,
    Are death and then decay!

    i MAY have had one drink at the cathedral banquet. which MAY be enough to render me ridiculous.


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