Week. End.

“I’ve ridden the tiger ragged.  That tiger, it’s rolled over on its blazing back and put up its paws and just asked me to stop.”
– Glenn Duncan, I Lucifer

Dumplings…I’m exhausted.  Well and truly, body aching, felt like I haven’t slept for days, worn out.  Most weekends J. and I do some grocery shopping, clean the house, and take a nap on Sunday – usually falling asleep, watching Planet Earth, to the soothing voice of David Attenborough.  Relaxing, yes?

Well, this weekend we had a dinner/movie date with Angel and Hotty on Friday night, crashed at my in-laws’ house in the city so that I could be up in the morning and head over to my godparents house.  Pieter and the clan all made it home after their jaunt abroad and Fairy, naturally, was throwing a party.  Saturday was spent hauling rocks, re-mulching flower beds, scrubbing the vinyl fence free of bird droppings, powerwashing said fence, and running about a million errands.  J. went golfing with Atticus.  Punk.

Thankfully my in-laws took pity on me and fed us dinner that night because I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in my curry.  Of course, I compounded the problem by staying up late to watch Dr. Who, but you don’t judge me for that, do you, kittens?  No.  We understand one another.

Sunday we were up with the sun and back over to the godparents’ to slice up watermelon, buy ice, dump lemon slices in water pitchers, stuff croissants with ham and cheese, and arrange artisan cookies on trays.  Fairy throws parties!  A few hours later the house was crammed to bursting and I was playing with Elle on the trampoline, chatting with GS and GBIL about their time in Paris, and acquiring a rather nasty sunburn on my neck.

An absolutely stellar weekend, minions, but one which I will require another weekend to recover from…

Do not disturb.

4 thoughts on “Week. End.”

  1. That’s why we often go to work… to recover from our weekends.

    Wasn’t Doctor Who wonderful?

  2. Whew! Tiring just to read about it, but sounds like fun.

    The past few weekends for me have been total R & R, not even leaving the apartment, sleeping, reading, puttering, catching up on life.

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