A Connoisseur of Human Folly

“Health, good humor and cheerfulness began to reappear…”
– Jane Austen

Work has been hard this week – I got good and angry and it took two days and an hour and a half conversation with my mother, another half hour with Venice, and yet another half hour with Margot to talk me off the ledge.  Amazing what good friends and three days will do to make you see the humor in something that at the beginning of the week seemed soul destroying!  Life’s deliciously funny, piglets, even the aggravations sometimes!


Do you ever get into a rut of thinking?  I have lately.  I used to find everything funny, or at least amusingly ironic, but I’ve gotten a bit bogged down by the job again.  It’s hard to deal with criminals  across the counter and shockingly unpleasant people on the phone all day long and not get a bit irritated with humanity, but I’ve decided to try to not be as bothered by it.  Nothing will change by me banging my abnormally hard head against anything.

The government will likely shut down – which will be nastily inconvenient, but the ones who will look like real idiots are the politicians.  Grad School will be expensive, but J. and I are a pair of smart cookies who are perfectly capable of eating Ramen for a year.  It’s raining, but I’ve got a pretty cute pair of wellies.

All things considered, I’m chipper again, kittens!  Besides, being a misanthrope is exhausting!

3 thoughts on “A Connoisseur of Human Folly”

  1. My dear Small Dog,
    This is why we write. All of this is simply fodder for our future. (and believe me, I have stories that will…) You were wise to take a mental health break to regroup.

    One day they will all end up characters in your best selling novels.

    Your fan,

    1. Dear Cre8vekaos,

      Many thanks. I lost perspective for a few days – the thought of future characters is stimulating!

      Your fan in return,
      Small Dog

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