“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”
– Colette, in New York World-Telegram and Sun, 1961

I’ve only really ever been April Fooled once.  J. convinced me he’d gotten in a car wreck and when the joke played out, he quickly must have realized that he made a major mistake.  I was furious.  Quietly, icily furious.  He sucked up his laughter, groveled appropriately and all was well.

But he hasn’t tried to Fool me ever since.  She who laughs last, and all that.  Been the perpetrator/victim of any memorable pranks?

5 thoughts on “Punk’d”

  1. Once my husband was bringing groceries in, and suddenly grabbed the bag and stated that there was a squirrel in it!

    Another time, he moved my car and was looking out to the parking lot and claimed it had been stolen!

    I was in the hospital and he called my room from the lobby and stated that a gorilla has escaped from the zoo and to look out my window and I could see it!

    I fell for all these pranks. What a goofball.

  2. Many years ago, on April 1st, I wore a large cubic zirconia engagement ring to work – and had everyone convinced I was getting married (fyi: I’m still not married).

    Once I put black electrical tape over the optical sensor on a co-worker’s wireless mouse. He thought it was broken, and even replaced the batteries before finally seeing the tape.

    It’s also fun to put clear packing tape over a co-worker’s phone mouth piece. They can hear the person on the other line – but have to almost yell so they can be heard (muffles the sound quite nicely).

    Hi, my name is Messy Musings, and I am an April Fool’s perpetrator.

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