The F Word

“When the military man approaches, the world locks up its spoons and packs off its womankind.”
– George Bernard Shaw

By which I mean “Free Association Test.”  Why?  Where did you mind go?

Like most law enforcement agencies, we use the NATO phonetic alphabet to communicate over radios and such, but our student employees who work security for us and enforce parking are also trained on it.  Occasionally this can be a source of amusement (as we all know that things on the phone or radios can come off garbled).

Yesterday while patrolling a parking lot, one of our newer students apparently completely spaced on the alphabet and, panicking a little, starting making new phonetic codes up as he radioed in license plate numbers.  “V,” which is supposed to be rendered “victor,” became “Virginia,” etc.  But what really took the cake was his impromptu offering replacement for an “F,” which is supposed to be “foxtrot.”  What was the first “F” word that sprung to this kid’s mind?


Monsieur I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Or That You Still Read Those Novels With My Chisled Jaw and Windswept Mane On the Cover PS - Do You Remember When I Was Hit In the Face By a Duck, himself!

We are all positively dying to unravel his thought process on this one!

6 thoughts on “The F Word”

  1. was about to talk about the Goose Incident but you beat me to it.

    His head is SO WEIRDLY SHAPED. I can’t stop staring. He’s really compelling evidence for evolution, and may actually be the missing link.

    ape–>neanderthal–>fabio–>cro-magnon–>homo sapiens

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