Food. Fights.

“I don’t like to eat snails.  I prefer fast food.”
– Roger van Oech

J. eats three or four times as much as I do.  He buys junk food and, if left to his own devices, would subsist on mac and cheese (the evil boxed kind that I like to think of as the spit of Satan), frozen burritos, and ramen bowls.  He chows down on hot dogs, burgers, and any form of fast food he can get his hands on.  If I don’t dish out dinner, he’d never eat vegetables.

Minor annoyance 1 – he’s LOST weight since we’ve been married

Minor annoyance 2 – I twit him about his eating habits from time to time, but now I’ve lost the right.  Our insurance pays for us to get our cholesterol, glucose, and other blood levels tested for free once a year.  Our results just came back.  He’s in perfect health.  Curses.

4 thoughts on “Food. Fights.”

  1. You’ve not lost the right. While he’s perfectly healthy *now*, that mightn’t last if his lifestyle choices remain the same. Besides, all of us are going to go down hill at some point…

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