All I Wanna Do, Is Have Some Fun…

“…until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard.”
– Sheryl Crow

We went to LA for the weekend to celebrate the finalized adoption of my brother-and-sister-in-law’s son.  Hurrah, he’s ours!  Back off LA county!

They live right off Santa Monica Blvd so we walked the pier, shopped 3rd street, and took in an installation art show on the beach.  We went to Universal Studios, rode all the rides, and did the studio tour which went right through Wisteria Lane, as they were filming Desperate Housewives.  I had a massive migraine, more on that later, but we soldiered on!  We also had a celebrity sighting, some actor from Lost who I’ve never heard of.

Meanwhile, my little brother Gio started university, and Mum was hired to teach Western Civilization at a college back on the East Coast.  J. had an interview with Firm #3 on Friday, and has a job interview today along with a couple of exams.  I couldn’t find half of my things getting ready for work this morning.

All signs of an excellent weekend vacation.

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