Dangerous Curves Ahead

“When in doubt, wear red.”
– Bill Blass

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, because I’m already plotting my Halloween costume.  But as you may recall, I love Halloween!  Each year our office dresses up.  Witches and ghosts are occasionally seen, but we prefer to get a bit more creative.  Sav dressed all in pink and a name tag that read “Floyd.”  One of the student officers directs traffic in Mickey Mouse gloves.

And this year I’m going as Joan from Mad Men and it’s probably going to be the easiest costume I’ve ever had (although after that papier mache Anubis head, anything would be a piece of cake).  Because that paragon of cuteness, Shabby Apple, has made in their new Yosemite line, the Joanest of all Joan Halloway dresses.  However even the desire for a fab Halloween costume wasn’t going to induce me to spend $92 on it!  Then, low and behold, Groupon did a deal and I got $100 of in store credit, for a much, much, MUCH lower price.  My dress plus shipping was a third of what it would have been otherwise.  This number is going to double as all go-to outfit for holiday parties this year.

And finally, I had to find that iconic pen necklace.  I scoured Etsy and Ebay and Google, but everything that came up was so ludicrously priced as to laughable.   Finally I found a long gold chain ($4) and a small gold pencil on a pendant ring ($6), and put it together myself.  Et voila!

Now I’ll just have to get red hair dye.  Should be fun!  Or I can always chicken out and go as the new receptionist Megan, she of the French extraction and perfect skin.

I don’t read Janssen’s frugality blog for entertainment!

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