Ducklings, I Haven’t Forgotten You…

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”
-Thomas Carlyle

This past week/weekend:

-Marie had a bridal shower, reception, wedding, and luncheon (Wed., Thurs., and Friday respectively)
-We had our school’s Football season opener (and won!)
-Labor Day, several hours of which I spent throwing nieces and nephews around on a trampoline
-I bought food for the first time in over a week
-Ate a full meal…which seemed like the first time in over a week
-I didn’t sleep more than five hours a night, and apparently started grinding my teeth in my sleep (according to J.)
-Fall showed up.  Seriously.  I turned around and there it was with sweaters, boots, and temperatures plummeting thirty degrees.  Unlike most people I know, I’m thrilled because Fall is my favorite season
-Had a perma-migraine

Weddings, even fabulous ones like Marie's, can have unforeseen consequences.

So instead of updating you as was clearly my duty and your right, my loves, I spent last night in flannel pajama pants, dosed with pain killers, and watching Emma not sharing pictures from the wedding.  Every once and a while I lurched to the kitchen for sustenance, but only at moments of near death.  Apologies, but I really wasn’t fit for anything else.

I’ll get them up today, I promise.  And I’ll never neglect you like that again.

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