I Saw A Sign (Part II)

Like I said, I am a great fan of signs.  I made this sign for Marie because she needed something appropriately British and pink to pick her up post-surgery.  I found this sign to be of great comfort to me moving towards a new fall semester.  I post signs when I have to take lunch at my desk, so that people know I’m unavailable.  I post a sign when I run to the laundry so people know where I am.  Signs are meant to be read, and more importantly heeded.

Now, would someone please explain to me how this one ended up in Lt. South’s office?  And is anyone else wondering what on earth goes on in this office over the weekends?

More importantly, can anyone explain where the stuffed raccoon came from?

7 thoughts on “I Saw A Sign (Part II)”

  1. Well, my high school band director has a taxidermed squirrel in his office, and it holds a container just the right size for a bag of sunflower seeds. It was a gift from my graduating class. This could get you started on your quest for the source.

    PS, e-mail me, dahhling, i move on Friday and i’ve nearly completed a new version of the MS!

  2. 1, Scarlette, why? 2, C after living with Gio and I one would think you would learn not to ask those types of questions.

    1. The man in question had a habit of calling his students “squirrelly” on a daily basis. He also had a habit of walking around with a bag of sunflower seeds, spitting the shells out all over the field during rehearsal.

      So it was a very fitting gift.

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