Thumb Twiddling (Another Interlude)

“And I hate waiting!’
– Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil campaign

In 12 hours all will be revealed I suppose.  I’m prepared: I’ve pre-panicked (a useful skill I learned for piano recitals – get the messy emotions done with and out of the way early and the performance goes much better.  The needs of Panic and Practicality are both met .  I wish I could just not be nervous about public performance, messy office politics, or the other unpleasantries of life, but since I can’t get rid of the fear, displacing it a little is about the most massively useful self-taught trick I’ve got). 

Which isn’t to say that Panic and Paranoia aren’t trying to sneak back in and raise rebellion among the masses.  Common Sense has been playing the role of bouncer rather effectively, however, and whenever they show their pinched faces, she grabs them and grimly escorts them off the premises.  Guilt has shut up finally, being replaced by Insatiable Curiosity.  I’m still a bit nervous to find out what’s going on, but I’m not dreading the consequences so much any more.  Obviously a nest of snakes has been stirred up…but I just seem to be the stick used to provoke them, I’m curious as to see who’s holding the other end.

Last chance to add to the list of theories as to what exactly is going on.  All in all, I’m back to my former motto:

One thought on “Thumb Twiddling (Another Interlude)”

  1. I hope hope hope you get moved back with Dr. F and Dr. S. I want to live vicariously through you–I miss that office soo much!

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