Money Honey

“Are you buying lunch, or am I?”
“I will.”
“Thanks.  Oh!  You also need to write me a check to replace the savings we used for car repairs.  Wow…I sound like a gold-digger.”
“You are a gold-digger.”
I beg your pardon.”
“You’re expensive.”
“I am not!”
“Well, someday, you will be expensive, so someday you will be a gold-digger.”
“No I won’t, I’ll be a trophy wife.  They aren’t the same thing at all.”
– C. and J.

Gold-digger!  The nerve of him!

3 thoughts on “Money Honey”

  1. If you want to solve those little conversations, I suggest getting a combined checking. Then you both have a seperate one that you put an agreed amount into. That way it’s not a you pay me or I pay you, its a … let’s pay this. Then with the money you divvy out to each other, you get to pay for whatever you want, no questions. (me make up or clothes, him tools or whatever)

    It’s worked for us. 🙂 I got sick of I owe you or you owe me. Now it really feels like ours.

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