A Head Short

“I came up with direct marketing.  Well, someone else already had, but I came up with it independently.”
– Mad Men (Pete Campbell)

“I love your necklace!” said a patron to me today. “Did you get the idea from Ugly Betty?”
“Er, no,” I answered, having never watched the show.  “Anne Boleyn.”
“Oh.  Who’s that?”

Sigh.  Stupid history degree.  Nobody has a clue what I’m talking about half the time.

9 thoughts on “A Head Short”

  1. It is the person who didn’t know who Anne Boleyn was who should be ashamed. History major or not, helloooooooooooo, Henry VIII anybody?

  2. Have pity on the poor, poor Americans. After all most can’t remember the presidents past last 4, unless they chopped down a cherry tree, wore a stove-pipe hat or grace our currency (even then its iffy). How can you expect them to remember British history?

    Just saying.

    BTW, I do know mine and lovely necklace.

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