Good Company

“The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend.”
– Aristotle

How can you tell that you have a good friend in your life?  Well, first of all you are able to have a complete conversation with them wearing just a towel (this is a crucial test that all of my closest friends have passed, I shall spare you the details).  Second you are able to pique the interest of everyone around you just from hearing your half of a phone conversation.  Again, all of my friends have crossed this threshold, but today here is what my office got to listen to when Venice called to brighten my day.   

“No one’s making fun of you.  This is a judgement free zone.”
“I don’t really wear them.”
“Was the steamer necessary?”
“Holy mother of pain!”
“I will need my dress back at some point.”
“Oh, honey!  Do you need to come over and shower?”

I take particular delight in refraining from elaboration when co-workers, classmates, or random strangers look to me for further explanation.  A good friend doesn’t lessen her pal’s mystique!

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