Winter Blues

“You know when you take a puppy to the vet, and it get poked and prodded for hours, and when you get it home it’s drained, exhausted, and loopy for days?  That’s you right now.”
– J.

Winter has been rough for me this year.  My theory is that the lack of sunlight (which by itself doesn’t really bug me, seeing as I like rainy, cloudy, and cold weather just fine) combining with birth control hormones for the first time during the dark half of the year has congealed into a perfect cocktail of winter doldrums. 

All I want to do is hibernate.  Even if, in spite of the ridiculous things that wake me up occasionally, I get a full night’s rest, I wake up exhausted every day and completely lacking the will to do anything.  For a week now I’ve hauled myself out of bed mere minutes before we have to dash out the door to work/school.  There’s been a pile of clean clothes sitting on my floor for days because I just can’t muster the strength to sort and store them (sorry, Mum!).  We got these great electric toothbrushes for Christmas from J.’s parents which took some getting used to (i.e. splattering the mirror) which I haven’t dealt with in a week.  And nature might abhor a vacuum, but not as much as me!

This isn’t just run of the mill laziness and I’ve never been this affected by a season before.  I’m in a right dirty winter funk!

4 thoughts on “Winter Blues”

  1. Nooooo! I send you a hug from afar! Has your new class and sunshiney husband helped at all? Self- fulfillment and a constant best friend…….but I’m sure sunshine would help immensely too. 🙂
    Let it be known that while sunshine is abundant here, funks also abound betimes- from lacking the two very things you have! Dagnibbit, it’s lucky we’re both so smart and beautiful, or this could have become an emergency. Also, I bungee jumped today.

  2. Margot, C. and I are depressed over here! No one needs you to brag about your fabulous, sunshine-filled, bungee-jumping adventures!

    Also, Margot, I’m going to miss you on Saturday at my birthday party. Will you Facebook Brando and tell him to come?

    Also, C., did you see my latest blog post? It must be something… in the water? It’ll be good for my soul to see you this weekend!

  3. At least you’re making it to work/school. Sav and I have slept in most of the past 2 weeks’ school days. 8/9/10 o-clock classes are without us. Whoever decided 8-5 was a good time to work was obviously a morning person.

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