Check It Out!

“Ah, Venice!”
– Casanova

Venice, who if you did not know, is a rather awesome crafter, recently launched a blog and Etsy shop  to share her jewelry creations.  Go check them out at once!  I’m particularly digging her vintage-y looking post earrings, and fantastic charm necklaces (the Lovebirds Necklace is my current favorite and I’d totally buy these green lovelies if I didn’t already own three pairs of emerald and one pair of peridot earrings already).  She also does exchangeable watch bands to match any outfit, and best of all she does custom orders!

You’d pay twice as much for these pretties at stores and no two are alike so you’ll never have a “That wench is wearing my outfit!” moment.

Another reason to follow her blog?  She finds other great Etsy sites and artists to pass along and highlight and she’s always doing giveaways and who doesn’t like shiny, free stuff?  Valentines Day bonus at her Etsy shop going on now, run don’t walk!

Don't you need these?  Don't you?!
Don't you need these? Don't you?!

One thought on “Check It Out!”

  1. You know that corny song “You’re My Best Friend”? I’m singing it at the internet towards you right now. 🙂

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