Law and Order

“Common sense is not so common.”

Yes, it is around time for Halloween and (as you may recall) I’m all for costumes

But coming on to campus dressed in an actual SWAT shirt wearing an actual bullet proof vest packing actual bullets and flares and two airsoft guns which look frighteningly like the real thing…

…Strikes me as a supremely foolish thing to do. 

If you must dress as a policeman, try this. Inappropriate, yes. Illegal, no.

Oh, by the bye, this kid is a doctoral law student.  You think they would have covered impersonating a law officer, as well as public disturbance…because a lone man on a campus carrying weapons quite rightly incites fear.*  More personally if convicted he could be dismissed from the school and forfeit his credits/degrees.

I think working here has probably made me slightly more attune to the nuances of such choices and their effects…but I still think common sense would keep a person from carrying live ammunition onto a campus where firearms are prohibited.

Although, after the Elk, I suppose the last of the surprise and astonishment should have been knocked out of me.

*Lest we forget the over 50 victims of school shootings in the past two years in the U.S. alone

2 thoughts on “Law and Order”

  1. First: where did you get my resume picture.
    Second: is wasn’t he was hit with the Stupid Stick. It’s that he climbed up the Stupid Tree, fell from the top, and hit every branch on the way down.

    Your stories amaze me.

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