Adventures in Food

“Is it bad that I want Thai food for every meal of my life?”
“No, Thai is the food of the gods, although we should probably shake it up with Italian just to keep our carb quotas up.”
-Venice and C.

Not only did we take my younger brother Gio and his friend to Tucanos (amazing and amazingly expensive Brazillian food place) this weekend, J. and I also cooked up a storm in our tiny little kitchen.  After perusing some of the (millions of) cookbooks people heaped upon us for our wedding, I created a rather ambitious list of new recipes to try.  I kicked off my experiment sunday with pan seared salmon with a mango salsa topping.  And it was rather impressive, or so I think.  J. was ordered to be ultra-enthusiastic whatever the outcome so I may not have had an entirely accurate reading…

corsetWe also stocked up on cookies and banana bread so I have a new found reason to recommit to the gym.  Gym psychology is fickle.  I spent six months busting my bum five days a week, and then six days doing wedding and honeymoon stuff and poof!  My gym motivation evaporated.  Forcing myself there everyday has been a horrid, horrid chore.  Eating all my delicious (or maybe not so delicious, but if it isn’t don’t tell me!) food seems much easier than working it off!

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