“A problem of type 2094 has occurred…what the [ahem] is that?!  What are the two thousand ninety three other problems I skipped to get to that one?!”
-Eddie Izzard

A spectacularly dull day at the office, livened only by the laundry run.  At which time a bundle of clothing was handed over to us all clean and neatly pressed, but without a name attached because it’s owner had forgotten to put the order sheet with his instructions in the bag with his clothes.  Fear not, citizens, Lt. South’s name was discovered on the tag, much to my unholy glee. 

Small Dog finds a tiny degree of joy in her technological impaired-ness
Small Dog finds a tiny degree of joy in being technologically impaired

Other than that, my Outlook account for work decided to blip out of existence yesterday.  Thinking it was something to do with the new software our department is bringing online, I let it go, but today it was still out.  I put in a request with IT, but when the techies did whatever it is they do and Outlook reappeared…it was without my emails, projects, calendars, contacts, or distribution lists.  The only thing that makes me blissfully undisturbed by this is the fact that it’s twenty minutes to five and I don’t have to deal with it until monday.

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