T-Minus Two Months

“Whenever a woman asks me ‘What’s the best way to lose weight?’ I tell her, ‘Get engaged.'”
-David Zinczenko

Nothing like a form hugging (breath constricting) gown to make a girl commit!
Nothing like a form hugging (breath constricting) gown to make a girl commit!

Yes, folks, my caloric intake is down and my amount of time at the gym is up.  My sleep is heavy and my morning yogurt is “light.”  My waistline is in and my muscles are out (in a sleek, feminine sort of way).  Barring any mental breakdown and the metric ton of brownies that I would medically require to get over it, roll on July 1! 

In other wedding news, Catriona helped me get started on invitations and announcements last saturday, so my stress level in that department has bottomed out, bless her!  We threw on Some Like it Hot, I addressed (my handwriting is still awful) and she stuffed envelopes and stamped.  With the list much shorter now, life seems so much more bearable.

And in weddings other than my own, good grief!  It seems like I get an invitation to a reception, shower, or hen night every day!  J. and I went to Marie’s sister’s reception last week, his best friend is getting married this weekend, Kays is getting married the weekend after that, and I get a brief reprive the week after that (unless you count my final dress fitting-which will hopefully be angst free as long as those brownies aren’t required!).

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