The World Sucks Today

“Every wrong seems possible today, and accepted.  I don’t accept it.”
-Pablo Casals

Most of the time my job is at least moderately fun; good people, the occasional idiot that entertains me, minimal paperwork except when said occasional idiot has managed to create a mess of epic proportions, etc.  But today I’m reminded of the dark side of police work.  A lot of good gets accomplished, but so much more has to be done and people are limited creatures. 

To combat the chronic under-staffing, a bunch of us are being trained to help police dispatchers handle the huge influx of information that would come in an a major emergency, as well as threats to the campus.  We had to listen to dispatch records from school shootings to see how such things were dealt with from a dispatch viewpoint.  That was bad.  Then we had to listen to a phone call from a girl from our campus who committed suicide. 

The dispatcher who worked with her was amazing, he kept her talking for almost an hour I think while the police tracked her down.  But in the end, she went through with it.  We heard the whole thing.  EMS rushed her to the hospital where she died, her parents had to tell the doctors to remove her from life support because she was brain dead.

Like I said, most of the time my job is good.  Today, my heart hurts.

3 thoughts on “The World Sucks Today”

  1. Ugh. Hennessey told me about that. Poor Daae looked especially distraught. “Can’t wait” til it’s my turn. 😦

  2. Hey! Tribute blog to my job! Nice! It’s sad when stuff like that happens. I’ve gotten three callers like that in my time as a dispatcher, but so far none of my peops have gone through with it. Interestingly though, it’s calls like those that make me like this job. I like it when people ACTUALLY NEED my help. I should tell you about the call I got on a grave last summer 🙂 I guess for you it would be heart ache, but for me it makes for a really awesome shift! I guess that’s why I’m the dispatcher…

    Now I wish you had gotten to come to EMD with us… That’s like 60 hours of listening to calls like that.

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