“Fine!  Just sell your soul next!”
-C., nearly rabid in disappointment and close to throttling her computer

Rest in Peace
The facts were...what?!

ABC is not picking up Pushing Daisies for another season.  In fact they’re just letting them finish airing the completed episodes and even that might be tugged out from under us.  This is a travesty!  Teenage soaps like 90210 are still holding on, Rock of Love Charm School is going strong, and reality T.V. dating show will not die, but they are chopping Daisies and Eli Stone, two shows with interesting, quirky premises and clever gimmicks.  There is no justice in the world…

4 thoughts on “R.I.P.”

  1. Okay, you had me until you insinuated that Gossip Girl, also known as the GREATEST SHOW OF OUR TIME, was inferior to Pushing Daisies. I am crushed that PD might be taken off the air, because I love it. But do NOT take it out on Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. (They will put out a hit on you.)

  2. Not really a big surprise. ABC is an amazingly awful network that likes to show hardly anything that is either amazingly smutty or amazingly awful. Sorry for your loss though, never seen the show personally.

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