Ms. Sam Goes to Washington

“Thank gosh I get you back!  I was worried that the new girl was going to be obnoxious or a creeper!”
“Well, I can be obnoxious and a creeper sometimes…”
“(Pause)  Yeah, but in an adorable, happy sort of way.”
-C. and Belle

It’s the passing of an era: Samantha is moving back to Washington, leaving me to wonder who on earth I would have to share a bathroom with.  Don’t get me wrong, my other flatmates are fine, but there is a deep spiritual bond between two women who share sink-space and the daily morning ritual of Putting on the Ritz.  I was extremely lucky to stay in my flat after graduation as I didn’t have the money for a down payment somewhere else and an opening popped up last minute.  Kiri abandoned me for Lace (the treacherous, ungrateful wretch!  …gosh I miss them…) and moved across town and Belle moved back home for a while so I was thrilled to get Samantha as a flatmate.

But life, being a tricksy business, happens and Samantha is leaving me too to go home and work.  My consolation prize is that Belle returns.  She’s baaaack!  In all her huge hair, hyper, effervescent glory.  I’m just thrilled to live with someone I know and like, although I do worry about our bathroom because that girl has more bottles, accessories, perfume, and hair product (there might or might not be a mini ozone-hole following her around wherever she goes…) than anyone else I know.

This (makes
This (makes sweeping motion to encompass face) doesn't just happen. Especially not with Belle. My bathroom will suffer.

I also wonder how she’ll mesh with Bunny and Violet, the other girls.  They are quiet, semi-mean, sarcastic girls (I know, I know.  Pot meet Kettle) and not much inclined towards…well, anything really.  Least of all happiness.  Cynical and dry I may be, but at least I have a sense of humor.  I was talking to Violet about the flatmate switch and she said she didn’t know what to think of the newbie.
“Belle’s great,” I promised, “most girls like her annoy me, but she’s one of those people that no matter what your first impression is you can’t help but like.  Know the type?”
Violet gave me a look.  “No.”

I suppressed a shrug and went for a run after checking my phone one last time to see if any of my elusive interviewees for my latest article have decided to surface.  I work for a university too, you know, I know how busy it can (not) be.

2 thoughts on “Ms. Sam Goes to Washington”

  1. Belle, Cadence, Violet, and Bunny?? Seriously? All the uniquely named girls in one apartment… this could be dangerous. Ah, roommates. I’d really like to have a set of roommates that was normal. I’ve gone from one who used to store meat everywhere in the apartment, keeping the temperature low enough so he could do so, to another who didn’t shower for six months, to another who was an undercover 41 year old pedophile, to a gay dude. Ugh!!! Help me!

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