Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.
-Oscar Wilde

Went to Oxford and spent the day at Magdalen College (home of two of my favorite writers who otherwise have nothing in common – C.S. Lewis and Oscar Wilde), had lunch on the Thames, and then dashed off to the Oxford University Press for a surprisingly engrossing lecture on the Oxford English Dictionary!  The people who work on that thing truly love words, it’s an education just to hear them talk!  Our lecturer’s favorite word: Twiffler!  It’s the plate that’s a size smaller than a dinner plate and a size larger than a salad plate; Dutch in origin, it comes from a word that means “two feelings,” so it literally means a plate that can’t make up it’s mind.

Magdalen College Court
Magdalen College Court
The Tower at Magdalen, seen from the cloister
The Tower at Magdalen, seen from the cloister

Punting on the Thames

Gate to Addison's Walk
Gate to Addison’s Walk
The cityThe Spires of Oxford

I also got to see Les Miserables (finally!) at the Queen’s Theatre in London.