High Society Night on the Town

“Ok, new plan: we become high-class courtesans and live like this everyday.  We’ll go corporate, that way when people ask us what we do we can say, ‘We’re in International Business.'”
“International Relations!”
“International Affairs!”

-C., Kiri, Marie

Even in London there are small slices of other places to be found, I have located mini-me Paris!  Right across the street from the Old Vic Theatre is a very hip/posh restauarnt completely owned and staffed by Frenchmen: the Waterloo Brasserie.  Eating there was a luxury because you get the feel of being very important without breakin the wallet!  It’s apparently The Place To Go before the plays because they have a “pre-theatre” menu which is very reasonably priced, even for an impoverished student with a backbreaking exchange rate.  I got to practice my long neglected French with the waitstaff and had a croque monsieur, but don’t be fooled!  This thing was a marvel of French grilling, topped with cream cheese that had baked to a golden crisp and served on a plate artistically splashed with pesto and balsamic vinegar, the taste of which you got just at the end of every bite.  To die for!  I even indulged with a dessert, Crumble Aux Baies Rouges (Berry Crumble) and then dashed across the street to the theatre with the girls in time to catch the final bell.  Really, it’s enough to make one feel quite important!

         Just gloating at the fancy frenchness of it 

The play we saw was Pygmalion at The Old Vic Theatre and was a great deal of fun.  Higgins and Pickering were delightfully done, but I thought Eliza’s actress was a bit wanting (the real gem was Tony Haygarth playing Alfred Doolittle).  But really, after an evening like that, I can’t possibly complain!

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