Weekend Links

Hi fam! Not neglecting you, just terribly busy. Have a Friday the 13th quick drop and a hug!

Frontier justice, in a GOOD way.

Edwardian DESTROYS Facetune, or however the meme goes. (Don’t let my antics fool you, this is a great video.)

The essay that controlled the conversation for days.

Good for him being willing to be the first and I hope the whole organization rallies around him to make it safe for the next guy to do the same.

It doesn’t escape anyone’s notice that the people who don’t think climate change is real and the people who are most virulently anti-immigration are…the same people.

Speaking of!

No shit. Which is why the

This story is going to haunt me for a long time.


Life finds a way, you guys!

Britain is really just effing it up left and right these days. Truly stunning how consistent they are managing to be in this regard.

I have two friends whose marriages ended over the course of COVID, one friend get engaged, other reevaluate all kind of living situations from moving in with flatmates to deciding to live alone. Even the strongest and best relationships have been tested in new ways. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t experienced some version of relational shift.

Grey does it again:

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