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On Notice

“The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones.”
~Gabirol (Solomon ben Yehuda ibn Gabirol), The Choice of Pearls

It may be true that the general attitude of Small Dog Enterprises is, “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me,” but today I’m calling it, minions.

Calm it the hell down.

The ridiculous political hyperbole, predictions about the end of the society/religion/freedom/whatever, slimy gloating over a rival’s defeat, threats to move to another county/state/country, and especially the nasty comments calling for overthrow, revolution, and apparently the death of not a few elected individuals (shame on you!), all make the problems we face worse.

Knock it off.

Stop trying to out scream the opposite of whatever team you’re on and express a little patriotism and loyalty.  Commit to continuing to make your voice heard in the political process and stop calling each other Fascist/baby killing/Socialists or illiterate/uninformed/hate mongers.  Constructive criticism is welcomed, well thought out reflections are encouraged – claiming the world is ending is not.  Honestly, people, a little objective perspective, please!

Minions failing to comply immediately will be sacked.  Aunty C. stayed up very late last night and woke to find a lot of nastiness swarming through her various circles (some of it directed at her) and she is in the mood to disinherit a few people.  She also hasn’t had her tea or a very filling breakfast, which as you know has lead to various unfortunate episodes in the past.