Tag: Glory

Hear Me Roar!

“We’ve turned into one of those couples.”
“What sort?”
“IKEA couples.  Yuppies.”
-J. and C.

I woke up yesterday at 6am, was into work at 7:10, dashed home at 8:30 to meet the plumber and still made it back to work within my “lunch hour” time allotment.  Sometime about 2 I snagged a fifteen minute break to set up our electricity and gas bills, which due to the incompetence of customer service people turned into a 45 minute project.  I got off work at 4:20 at which time I dashed home where we managed to get everything left in my old flat into our new one.  At 7:30 we dashed up to IKEA to pick up a bookshelf and dresser and make a pit stop at J.’s parent’s house to pick up the bedframe they’re giving us.  Then home (11pm) where we carried the lot inside, set up my bed, I puttered around setting up necessary stuff before collapsing into bed (1am). 

Oh, and the gas couldn’t get turned on until today so I spent a freezing night bundled up and burrowed under my blankets.

But my stuff is in!  Bills will be paid!  Hypothermia was kept at bay!  AND I showed up at work today with only a slight limp!  I.  Am.  Awesome.