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(S)Crew(ed) Up


Unbelievable!  J. Crew was having a sale on shirts (which I needed a couple more of for winter to give my few work sweaters a break) and the skirt I was lusting after was also miraculously on sale as well.  PLUS I had a $50 gift certificate that I got from my health insurance company for completing a bunch of health challenges they do throughout the year so I could afford them.  Obviously I had to take advantage, n’est pas? 

An artist's rendering of a suspicious individual seen in the area about the same time as me. What a cooincidences, huh?

Not as easy as it first appeared!  This sale closed at midnight over the weekend and I (ridiculous creature that I am) of course forgot the gift certificate in my work desk.  Which meant a late night weekend gallop to the office, fetchingly attired in an old shirt, flannel pajama pants, mad hair, thick socks, and heeled shoes because they were the closest thing to hand as I rushed out the door.  Accompianied by J.’s fond head shakes and sighs of, “You’re a nuggins.”  His “adorable” nickname for me when I’m doing something particularly silly (I’m not so fond of it).

But apart from the slight craziness I exhibited, all was well!  I ordered my things happily and went to bed at peace.

This morning I woke up to a shiny online coupon in my inbox advertising 20% off one’s total order.  Which means had I waited 24 hours (and was psychic), I could have gotten my order for over half off.


Adventures in Fashion

“You need to get up.”
“Yes.  You need to make money to support your rock’n’roll lifestyle.”
“I don’t have a rock’n’roll lifestyle!”
-J. and C.

We have a trip to England to pay for, school is starting and with it the flood of ridiculously expensive books to be bought, and food must be paid for I suppose.  But fall is coming and that means so are fall lines!  Venice doesn’t help by calling me at work to tell me that Express is having a sale on their work shirts (two for the price of one!  That’s an investment, right?), and neither does my beloved Shabby Apple by debuting new fabulous dresses and accessories!  My Lust List expands exponentially, rather than relative to my wallet (lovely thing though it is) and the only thing that keeps me safe is an iron will combined with absolute horror towards credit card debt commercials!  I therefore bring you:

Small Dog’s List of Things She Wants But Cannot Have

Want want want... Paris dress by Stop Staring
Want want want... Paris dress by Stop Staring
The Greta Garbo dress by Stop Staring for Shabby Apple.  Drool...
The Greta Garbo dress by Stop Staring for Shabby Apple. Drool...


The Kenya dress by Shabby Apple
The Kenya dress by Shabby Apple


Share my umbrella headband by Shabby Apple.
Share my umbrella headband by Shabby Apple.















And in the category of accessories, considering that I’m living in a fantasy land, I’m also rather smitten with this little item (above headband).  More bohemian than my normal tastes, but I want it just the same.  Oh, come on.  Like you’ve never wanted something you couldn’t have?