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Kids These Days!

“‘So, I’m like, a new student?  And I like need a parking permit?  Do I like, get that like here?'”
“Wow.  You are scary good at that voice…”
-C., mocking the freshman, TenFour being scared

University is like, hard and stuff!  LOL!
University is like, hard and stuff! LOL!

Seriously!  Do these girls only speak in questions, or do they just naturally intone upwards at the end of sentences?  I am getting emails sans punctuation, sans capitalization, sans everything!  Numbers used as letters, emoticons, and oh the misspellings.  How exactly did they get into university, one might inquire?

Listening to them talk as they walk across campus is mind-numbing.  Between slang and poor grammar, you can barely understand what they’re saying.  The word “like” features heavily, conjunctions do not (I’m looking at you, Venice, as a English and grammar teacher to correct this is your rising seventh graders) 

These kids even dress badly, attempted Vogue meets train wreck (and not Vivienne Westwood style, either).  They don’t read signs that direct them where to go on campus.  They get in an unbelievable amount of car wrecks.  Their bikes get impounded when they chain them to “Please Lock Your Bike On A Rack Or It Will Be Impounded” signs.  They can’t make eye contact because they’re texting incessantly.

To these kids, the Berlin Wall has only existed in history text books!

Holy crap, listen to me!  I’m a GEEZER at 23…

Hey!  Get off my lawn!  ...hooligans...
Hey! Get off my lawn! ...hooligans...