Weekend Links

Kittens, another weekend is upon us. I’ve bared logged off of work (it’s after 9pm locally) and I want to do ZERO work this weekend so I’m dropping this sucker early and hoping for the best. Love you lots!

We’re all self-soothing these days, anyone tried one of these?

A curry con man? I would watch that show!

Jesus, watching this “disbelieve the evidence of your own eyes” stuff in real time is exhausting and crazy making. And yes, that’s the point, but it’s still bonkers to try and track in an intelligent way. It makes combating the underpinning crimes and hate movements that much harder.

Small Dog Nation loves an archeology story!

Monica Lewinksy interviewed Roxanne Gay on writing about trauma, and it’s as good and relevant as it sounds. What a power pairing!


Which brings us to the cold blob.” Indeed! Excellent and unintentionally funny transition line aside, this is a fabulous if sobering investigation and visualization of changes we can see happening in real time on our planet and helps put global context on local seasonal trends.

Because as we all know, if there is anything the Republican party will not tolerate, it’s mean Tweets!

Lol, just kidding they literally built a golden idol to Mean Twitter’s patron sinner.

First we had “alternative facts” and we’ve progressed straight to “freelance thinking.” Jesus.

It’s a cult. The most I can recall of Obama cottage industries were those famous blue and red posters – which were also quickly co-opted by the far left who were just as as critical of him as the far right. This bizarre cult of personality baffles me.

This is a full on documentary of the madness:

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