The Year of Intention: January

So, I know I JUST talked about this publicly, but in reality I’ve been working on this month’s goals since New Year’s Day. Admittedly with mixed results. But with intention, we’re also practicing generosity this year, kittens because in case you hadn’t notice…times are rough!


Fully paid off my credit cards. Holy shit, that feels good to type.

Put an extra 1,000 in savings this month.

Did a month-long break from takeaway food orders – with two exceptions; one listed below and one moment of weakness when the depression hit too hard to cook.

Did a meal prep project every weekend, which definitely contributed to achieving the first two weeks. Also, I am slowly mastering the art of French Onion Soup.

Started physiotherapy for longstanding knee injury and hip joint problems. Twice a week sessions are unmaking years of damage in noticeable time. It’s honestly a bit shaming to think how long I just didn’t get around to getting help for this stuff.

Read a book a day – because I can finish romance novels or classic murder mysteries in a single sitting, and because I listen to audiobooks on a least double time walking to and from my physio appointments twice a week. Health hedonism at its best.


I was doing Dry January…but then extremists stormed my seat of government and Jeff and I spent nearly 24-hours glued to the news. So we decided pizza and red wine was an acceptable coping mechanism. And – because I’m an unhealth all-or-nothing kind of person, I decided prosecco was also acceptable and continued to indulge. Oops.

8 thoughts on “The Year of Intention: January”

  1. Glad you are getting therapy for your knee/hips. My husband had knee surgery on one knee and it’s about time for the other. All the years of playing soccer were unkind. They say most athletes will have various aches/pains from all the extensive practice and injury.

    1. It’s likely I’ll have to have surgery on my knee or hip at some point, but I’m trying to stave it off as long as possible. Sympathy for your husband’s second knee already!

      1. Actually, the surgery was great – it took aways the snapping pain he had. When he’d bend his knee, there would be something that would click/snap. So, at some point the 2nd one will be a blessing.

      2. Yikes, that’s exactly my situation. I’ve always had a bit of a wonky skeleton in the right leg area, but I strained my knee significantly a couple of years ago and it’s been popping and clicking/giving out on me ever since. And apparently my kneecap “maltracks” according to the surgeon who I’m hoping won’t have to cut into me eventually!

      3. well, just know, the surgery wasn’t bad. Yes, there is healing time and yes, you are sore. But it wasn’t bad. And he healed rather quickly and almost immediately he said it was better the healing soreness vs. what he had prior. He had issues when he was crawling around on the floor after our toddler (that was 17 years ago) so he had the one knee done and now he’s talking about the other.

  2. Glad the physio appointments are helping. I also need therapy for my knee and hip (an old injury has left me with a weakened right knee/hip flexor) and I’ve been meaning to book a virtual physio appointment, but I keep putting it off. Must. Stop. Procrastinating! There just never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything…

    I love French onion soup! I think the trick is to cook the onions really slowly until they turn lovely and golden, before adding stock and herbs. What recipe do you use?

  3. Congrats on the credit card payoff!!! And 1,000 to savings. This is huge!

    But really really delighted you’re getting physio and it’s working. Chronic pain is so tiring.

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