Weekend Links

I did not watch the Coney Barrett hearings this week, and I only read recaps of the town halls. We sent off our ballots for early voting (I complain a lot about Utah but they have a great election system with copious public information resources for voters, and a robust and trusted system for remote and mail in voting).

Just over two weeks to go.

Admittedly I was a hormonal mess this week, but this kind agony aunt letter made me feel better about weight that I’ve put on during quarantine.

Bow, peasants!

My semi annual reminder as to why any wealth I accumulate will go to cystic fibrosis research and public broadcasting on my death.

Toxic masculinity kills men.

We stan this chonky king!

What the fuck?!

The world is not getting safer for LGBT people, which is why activists are scared and things like lifetime appointments to positions of power matter. Theocratic based rule or ideology is on the rise in secular countries and it’s frightening.

Here, let’s balance out some bad news with some queer love history.

At least he’s consistent at being The Worst. (His daughter agrees.)

It’s a cult.

Here’s hoping because another four years of this will exhaust us all.

A palate cleanser!

A telling sentence in this piece about alt-right darling Lauren Southern could easily be applied to almost any woman who achieves prominence in the manosphere (or any hyper conservative, gender traditionalist, or fascist movement): “While the alt-right’s men were forever putting Southern in her place, they simultaneously venerated her as a goddess.” It’s not inherently feminist to succeed as woman within a patriarchal system, especially if you intend to use your power to uphold that system (cough Amy Coney Barret cough!). And patriarchy may like female spokespeople, but by its nature, it is antithetical to actual feminine power.

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