Weekend Links – 2020 has jumped the shark

This year has never been subtle but my god, this week. 

I feel you, parrot.

I also feel you, bears.

Goodness he’s bad at this

Until we prioritize things that have become considered “women’s work,” like providing care (child, health, senior, you name it), education, service work, and more as work that deserves more pay and benefits and respect, any system shock is going to disproportionately affect women.

Is John Mulaney a prophet or…?

Irony is dead. Just fucking deceased. If this were a TV show, we’d all be screaming at Netflix about how this plot twist is just unbelieveable/on the nose and has totally ruined the show. What a stupid year this is. 

In my continuing quest to spread the word that any understanding of our current media, political and cultural moment requires a high degree of internet literacy, a very good piece in The Atlantic

We were all standing there waiting on the photographer,” my father told me later on the phone. “And Mike said, ‘You know what she’s doing, don’t you? She’s going to wait until the three of us are dead and then she’s going to write about us. This is the picture that will run with the piece.’ ” My father said that the idea hadn’t occurred to him, and it wouldn’t have occurred to Darrell, but, as soon as Mike said it, they knew he was right. He was right. That was exactly what I meant to do. That is exactly what I’m doing now.

To the surprise of literally no one.

Meet the woman who should have been “China’s Matisse.”

Meanwhile, things here in Europe are going great, you guys. /sarcasm

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