August Moodboard

Summer for me often equates to an identity crisis. Far from being a season of relaxation, since I was 16 it’s been a time for working and making money for the coming year, often moving with the military to a totally new place which often offered the chance for a new facet of identity. In my 20s it was a season for travelling to see family, but that has meant financial planning and organization more than repose, and it’s only in my 30s that I feel that my worklife balance is getting to where I want it to be and my identity was settling down. And then this year WHAMMO, pandemic.

So this month, we’re just leaning into the uncertainty and going with the flow. Nobody has any answers, everyone’s shut in or locked down, and there is not point trying to anticipate too far in the future. We’re all just doing the best with what we’ve got and we’re all out of our comfort zones. So do what brings you comfort and keeps you sane, kittens, and don’t worry too much about what it looks like to people who don’t have to live in your head.

3 thoughts on “August Moodboard”

  1. Hear, hear on not looking too far ahead. At the same time, I think it’s good to set small goals and things to look forward to, so we have some feeling of progress.

    This month I’m looking forward to the Edinburgh Book Festival — all online (of course). I’ve never been IRL but always wanted to go.

    1. Completely agree, I’m trying to stay focused on my smaller achievable goals – that’s in an upcoming blog post!

      Please let me know how the EBF is, that sounds super fun and definitely something to look forward to. Return with your insights and recommendations!

  2. Am trying (not always successfully) to just be OK with very small pleasures — today had time w a pal, lattes and pastry sitting outdoors on a bench. Our building’s pool is open so I’ve been swimming 5-6 days a week and also able to safely socialize there as well.

    I really don’t enjoy 90 degree heat and humidity so am retreating to shaded/AC bedroom as needed with NO shame.

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