July Moodboard

This month we’re taking it easy when we need to and going hard when required. We’re rewatching our favorite TV shows or movies instead of trying to get invested in the lastest prestige drama. We’re swapping out the beach days for long calls with friends for the same vibe. We’re eschewing makeup for skincare. We’re girding our loins for annual budget battles and committing to using any clout we have in our professional spaces to other peoples’ benefit. We’re not avoiding hard conversations. We might be working from home and unable to travel to see family, but we’re doubling down on staying connected anyway.

What energy are you bringing to July, my doves?

3 thoughts on “July Moodboard”

  1. Going away soon!!!!!

    We have a pal with a house upstate with a guest room and I am counting the minutes….we’ll have five days out of the apartment (the first time since early March) and I am so ready.

    Speaking (via Zoom) to a journalism conference July 16. Our apt. pool (with a LOT of new rules) is finally open, so we have this as well to look forward to.

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