An incomplete list of things I will 100% buy if this thing lasts as long as it’s projected to

A few things that my fevered brain has suggested to me – assuming I live and don’t get laid off (insert image of me breathing into a paper bag because we live in the upside down:

A pet. Without fail.

A piano (or weighted keyboard at least)

A better desk chair

A better desk (?)

A month’s supply of wine to go with my very formerly-mormon food storage!

Approximately 17 more houseplants. They will all be named.

Another pet

A rice cooker

Better flatware

I dunno…maybe a lamp for the living room? Does that wall need a little something?

A fancy headset for work calls

Fancy headphones for everyday life

More houseplants, why not?

Another pet. I’m a cat lady now. Hi!

Cuticle cutters

A shoe organizer

A bougie leather bench

I think we need a pasta ladle…

The fanciest olive oil I can find

An Audible subscription

Totally unnecessary antique porcelain and glassware

A a piece of taxidermy

A blanket/robe hybrid

New sheets

Another pet


Guys, I kid, I kid, because literally all I can think about right now are worst case scenarios and I’m spiraling today. You?

6 thoughts on “An incomplete list of things I will 100% buy if this thing lasts as long as it’s projected to”

  1. I also toyed with the idea of a keyboard. I am feeling falsely confident after watching some beginner piano tutorials on YouTube.

  2. I think we all need to learn how to entertain ourselves more. We tend to be so dependent on going out and being with other people, whether we know them or not. It is part of our human nature, but being self-sufficient is all part of our human nature. I like your list!

  3. Nice list!

    One of the things I’m MOST grateful for is being a collector of lovely things for decades (art, photos, flea market silver plate flatware, lots of pretty dishes and serving bowls.) We set a nice table for dinner each night with linen or cotton napkins or a tablecloth and candles, both tapers and votives.

    Every penny invested in our home is really earning its keep these days.

    On the downside (UGGGGGGH) we had our bathtub re-surfaced last year — and they did a really shitty job and it has now bubbled and peeled. It is impossible to remove the tub (marble and tiled into place) so it’s a gross wait to get someone in to re-do it properly.

    I would like:

    a new pillow (really good ones are $200+)
    a small area rug
    I ordered a custom tablecloth pre-COVID but not sure when we’ll get it now

    Our big wants are structural (and we had them priced pre-COVID) — repairing a flaking spot on the living room wall and re-doing the floors of two rooms and re-grouting the tub. All must wait.

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