Sunday Check In

Hi dolls, how are we feeling?

Yesterday I burned off some frantic energy but cleaning and reorganizing our entire kitchen. We’re using our storage and counter space to better effect, enabling the cooking and baking that we’ve been doing – and reducing clutter which triggers stress in me. We made it to the store and actually got what we needed and thus far are keeping the house from being a disaster zone.

This week I’m focusing more on health. It was “fun” the first week to indulge in stress carbs and sugar pretty nonstop…but that’s not going to be helpful moving forward. Home exercise and walks, when possible and safe, are the new normal, and for the love of god people, we need to eat fruit and veg. The last thing we need is scurvy!

How are you preparing for the coming week? What do you need support or help with?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Check In”

  1. Yes, scurvy definitely wouldn’t be a welcome addition to the apocalyptic world we’re living in (floods, actual locusts, ‘plague’, what next?!)

    I’ve been cooking a lot of simple but tasty meals recently (pasta alla norma tonight, and aubergine and potato curry last night). One perk of not having to commute is more free time to cook. 🙂

    And so we’re officially in lockdown now. Buckle in and let’s get through this. Onward!

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