Give Yourself a Break and Follow Some Farms on Twitter

It’s odd what you retain from childhood, but I have vivid memories of an old VHS from my very youngest years that featured footage of baby animals and songs. Prime toddler content, if ever there was any.

Well, joke’s on me because here in the year of Our Lady Beyonce 2020, it turns out I’m still turning to wee cuteness to self-soothe. And since we’re all increasingly on lockdown and I suspect your timeline could do with a regular palate cleanser in the cascading flow of bad news, please enjoy these three actual Twitter accounts that I follow of farmyard animals. It’s just so darn wholesome!

The World’s Smallest Sheepdog. Meet Inca, the small but fierce chief herder at a sheep farm in Ireland. And she’s not alone! The cast of fellow farmyard characters features a cat named Ovenmitt, a variety of canine companions, and daily views into a working sheepfarm. The tiny dog in question recently birthed equally tiny pups and every day the farmer posts charming updates into their general wellbeing and antics. It’s disgustingly cute. Bonus: it’s lambing season and the sheer number of baby animals might cause you to squee loudly.

Speaking of farmyards, let me make you known to Cuthbert the goose. Caenhill Countryside Centre provides education and activities for visitors, as well as classes on traditional agricultural or rural skills. Each morning they post what has become hashtagged #rushhour, the unbelievably delightful moment when the team opens the barn door and lets the fowl out. There is also a memorable family of mousing barn cats, a plethora of goats, seasonal lambs, and some adorable donkeys. Cuthbert is the star of the yard however, please enjoy his surprisingly friendly honks.

Crouton. Ladies and gentlemen, I follow this cow on twitter. Crouton lives at a sanctuary and has been documented from being a small calf to the bovine king he is now. This is another case of a burgeoning dramatis personnae of farm animals, including a pig named Rhubarb (or Roo). A new calf named Pumpernickle has recently joined the crew and is just as cute.

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