Weekend Links

It’s been such a strange week. The impact of COVID virus is affecting work – canceling events and tracking news for decisions to be taken about working circumstances for employees. It’s sobering to see, in real time, the ripples begin to move outward from seemingly small decisions and what the effect at macro level is turning into. Aside from the very real and paramount human tragedy, this is going to be an event with long echoes across lives and industries.

On the other hand, we spent three lovely days in Paris with X and her man and the sheer pleasure of wandering perfume shops (her personal vice) and hunting for treasure (mine) together was total. The boys got drinks at the Ritz, and we lingered over dinner together eating buckets of onion soup and lovely wine. It was refreshing in every sense.

Ultimately I don’t think anything gets us through big challenges or great unknowns like small, vivid pleasures.

We live in the dumbest timeline

Know your brain!

2020 ain’t slowing down.

Following on from last week’s Mormon news, what an utterly unkind, utterly avoidable PR nightmare…. (It’s heartbreakingly on brand.)

I have loved him since childhood and teared up unapologetically to see it.

It’s the corruption, stupid.

They look absolutely glowing in these photos and I hope the British press is gnashing its teeth at having driven away their literal bread and butter out of sheer nastiness, racism, and spite. Wallow in their happiness, bitches, I hope you choke on it.

Speaking of bitchiness, this is a snarky op ed but my malicious, witchy soul did get a good cackle out of it.

Something else Paris related for your viewing pleasure.

Signs point to yes. (I’m politically heartbroken a her dropping out…)

Excuse me?!

Reader, I laughed.

After leaving our original one in storage in the States nearly seven years ago, I got a new one for Christmas this past year. Oh my god. I have missed it.

I do not need another reason to see yet another adaptation of Emma (the best Jane Austen novel, do not @ me), but hats would persuade me were I on the fence.

Oh thank god, someone is asking the question!

Okay, let’s talk about COVID-19  irreverently for a few links. First, a primer.

Hamsterkäufe, meaning to shop like a nervous, bulging-cheeked hamster.”



One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. LOVE that vintage photo gallery from the Paris Opera. In DC last weekend I saw the Degas show at the National Gallery, and a film about him and his work. It was great.

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