Weekend Links

Happy weekend, beloveds! I’ve done three loads of laundry, got my teeth cleaned, and finished another armful of books so far, and this after a pleasantly productive workweek. We’re planning some upcoming travel with friends and family which is giving us something delightful to look forward to – Paris is, as they say, always a good idea.

The news is still mostly grim, but I’m cackling watching people panic over Senator Sanders take the Nevada primaries. I’m all in for Warren, but it’s so satisfying to watch the commentators wring their hands over why people want more aggressive solutions to upend the status quo. As if the media hasn’t spent the last three years obsessively dissecting the same sentiments on the right. Minus the ugly nativism (and let’s be blunt, not always this), we know what the problems are: economic inequality, crippling debt, changing industries, unequal access to opportunity due to systemic imbalances in investment and infrastructure, and anger. The motivations are the same, the direction of travel in considering solutions is different. The political debate of the next few decades is which way are we going to go.

I’m always a sucker for a mudlarking story.

Good grief. I’m afraid I can’t help but wonder what the withdrawal of the LDS church (one of its biggest supporters) from the organization has to do with the bankruptcy. And frankly, what the reports of sexual exploitation have to do with the withdrawal of the church. My family has been involved with scouting for most of my life and my memories are very fond, but the more that comes out, the more radical reform or closure looks like the right thing to do.

Whatever could he be building up to

Everyone involved is an unreliable witness, but still. Damn.

The guardrails are gone, it’s happening again, and this time it’s in plain sight.

Lesser men, indeed.

Irony is dead.

This is beautiful promotion!

I cringe for I am just as guilty as any.

Wash your hands.

Reader, I cackled. No one knows what’s going to happen but for some reason this is a metaphor for everything Brexit to me.

Let’s end on the sublime shall we? A deconstruction of one of the most iconic, beautiful pieces of music ever written.

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