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…What a week. I can’t summarize it, it was too nuts. Have a nice batch of weekend reading and take care of yourselves this weekend, minions. I’m going to read, cook, spend time with my partner, and do nothing else.

This is not unexpected, but it’s still pretty damn heinous. I read Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow recently, which documents a lot of similar tactics used to try and shame and silence his victims. It’s very detailed and very chilling. Harvey Weinstein can be fired into the sun as far as I’m concerned.

The only ranking I care about this week follow the wrapups of the previous decade.

Wow. An artist for our times.

Maybe I’m just a messy bitch who lives for drama (especially that which distracts me from Australia being on fire, Iran, et al.), but this is downright juicy. Honestly, GOOD FOR THEM. First off, the monarchy is looking to slim down in terms of “working” members of the family anyway – as much for a financial and PR exercise as anything, I imagine – and second, in a modern age there are few “needs” for additional royal family members. Frankly, a lot of other European royal families have been similarly downsizing and fading into the background for a long time, it’s not surprising to me to see Britain doing the same. They aren’t making alliances through marriage, the need to have multiple spare heirs is practically a thing of the past. If you aren’t the monarch or a monarch-in-waiting (such as the Prince of Wales or Duke of Cambridge), who have a specific role to fill as almost living icons (in the religious sense) and a human symbol of the state…what’s the point of your job? I’m not saying it’s worthless, but I am saying I respect people who can apparently examine that state, interrogate it, and make a conscious choice that the restrictions required are not worth the life they want. Not least of all when their current life is dogged by misogynistic and racist…everything. Good luck!

FURTHER UPDATE: interesting details. I’ll be blunt, the fact that the Duchess is getting “blamed” for this decision (at least by the right wing press and bevy of Twitter bots) says all you need to know about the story. There’s no way this wasn’t a joint decision, and frankly would not happen at all if the actual prince of the blood in question had the slightest hesitation about it. At the end of the day, this is his call. Prince Harry has been the face of any anger they feel over the (hideous) treatment of the British press towards her. He’s been talking for years about wanting a different role. He has gone on record many times, forcefully claiming the right to make personal decisions to protect his family, and he has been highly protective of her since day one. AS WELL HE SHOULD. May we all have partners unafraid to make unpopular decisions to center their family and best beloved in their lives.

Great, can we do this nationally already?

Fabulous profile of a scammer supreme. Alcatraz features.

This week in Mormon news is…not great.

If you have feature film length amounts of time, prominent YouTuber ContraPoints (who I’ve shared work from previously) has released a video that manages to be both an anatomy of “cancel culture” and an education on the intricacies of trans and nonbinary culture. I’m personally a fan of Ms. Points, who has been an entry point for a lot of information and education about communities that I still need to learn a lot about, and I really enjoy her content overall. In this case, however, I think she has something important to say about how the worst of internet culture behaves, and what the consequences of in-fighting (particularly on the left) can be. I’m not for one moment saying that HOW we conduct discourse isn’t vital and that we have many issues in our midst, but I agree that far more does (or at least) should unite us in allyship. As usual, disclaimer that she discusses sex and sexuality in extremely blunt and irreverent ways, which won’t be every reader’s cup o’ tea…but I think you should probably give it a shot anyway.

High on my list of petty, gentrified annoyances is that no one in the UK carries Bite Beauty – my favorite lipstick brand. They have just launched a new reformulation to their lip products AND launched some complexion products. Someone please indulge and report back to the minion coterie? (ETA, I’m such a nerd I Tweeted the brand and they confirmed they’ve updated their shipping to go international!)


I don’t see myself ever giving up meat, but I am trying to reduce my overall consumption and make what I eat much more ethically sourced. I’m also deeply interested in the various kinds of lab meats or alternatives science seems to be working on, as well as the various moral, er, contretempts that spring up over various diet choices. Ergo, this piece was right up my alley!

Friend of the blog Caitlin Kelly has finally dropped her piece, titled “What Medicare For All Really Looks Like,” which is an in depth dive into the Canadian health system. I can’t imagine a more timely piece of reporting for a domestic issue for North Americans which continues to top most voters’ worry lists. As she often does, she’s also done a write up on the journalist process of reporting a story like this, which is a great read for any writers, veteran or aspiring.

Some options to help out our Australian friends.

Some options to help out our (if your American like me) fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, still under onslaught from Mother Nature in a bad way.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. Thank you for including me!

    The piece has gotten some nice attention — Chris Hayes (338K Twitter followers), Politico and (!) The NYT Morning briefing, which added 1m readers as well. Jose and I have been social media-ing it non-stop and hope it is a useful addition to the policy conversation. It’s a super complicated issue and there’s been very little good reporting on how Canada does it, warts and all.

    I agree that the Sussexes are ready to flee. As a reporter, I spent 2 weeks following QEII and Prince Philip on a Royal Tour of Canada and…whew…what a weird life the Royals lead, and are expected to lead. If you’re not MAD for castles and dogs and horses and constant criticism of every breath you take, no amount of free/glam housing is worth it. I do think Meghan had NO real idea of the stunning racism she would meet there, and the viciousness of the UK tabloid press — with no true American = that might have prepared her for it. And Harry’s mother was killed by chasing paparazzi! Of course he’s ready to ditch this disgusting “relationship” with the Royal Rota…

    1. What really really disgusted me was learning that a BBC radio broadcaster (the BBC, for Chrissake’s!) used a chimpanzee photo in a tweet about the newborn son (Archie) of Harry and Meghan. He was fired, of course. His name is Danny Baker. What an asshole. He definitely crossed the line there. I heartily applaud and support their mutual decision to get the fuck out of that country … and move to my country!

      1. It’s been horrible to watch. I don’t dispute that the Duchess of Cambridge got her share of shitty press awareness, but my god, the sheer ugliness and racist anger directed at the Duchess of Sussex has been hideous.

      2. I agree!

        The NYT ran a piece today that explained….(?!!) only THREE percent of Britons are black, versus 13 % in the U.S. (only 3.5 % in Canada, but very different POV [some would disagree!!!} toward immigrants.

    2. Congratulations! Brilliant news!

      And yeah, it’s my pet theory that she truly did not understand what she was getting into – Americans have no direct comparison for royalty (NOT the same thing as celebrity, not by a long shot) our our version of the tabloids while still gross, is TAME compared to the British press. The sheer culture shock alone must have been hard (I can personally attest), but to have the vitriol flung at her she has is unimagineable.

      1. Thanks!

        Yeah, the US press is mighty tame in comparison, partly thanks to its celebrity worship and aspiration. Not the UK. If you don’t have a massive country house and ride to hounds and send your boys to Eton at 8….wellllll, really?!

        I think its class system is not only nasty but it’s fundamentally DEEPLY un-American and un-Canadian. As a woman accustomed to having her own voice — and being heard! – the imposed silence and docility (in the face of such abuse!!!!) is also really sick.

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