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Gather round for your batch of weekend reading, my Christmas goslings! I am currently still basking in the joy of seeing a really good movie (“Knives Out,” go see it!) and reading up on Instant Pot recipes after we went to dinner with friends from out of town last weekend and they convinced us to buy one. In other words, prime weekend activities. Let’s all cozy up and be lazy together, shall we?


Lisa Page’s professionally mandated silence is up and I’m pleased she’s speaking out against the institutional breakdown and gross misogyny she has faced.

Festivus is here with the airing of grievances. I joke to keep from screaming into a cushion.

How is she out and mediocre, old white men are still buying their way in? I’m actually angry…the only consolation is that she will be able to focus on the senate activity coming up and possibly be a contender for future cabinet positions. I’d be delighted to see her as Attorney General. (I type this pretty well convinced at this moment, grimly, that Mr. Trump will get re-elected if something big doesn’t happen.)



A dual piece of good news: NPR has released their list of the best books of the year and HANNAH’S DEBUT IS ON IT. (How to find her first and pre-order new next novel here!)

It. Never. Went. Away.

I’m very curious, kittens: what changes, if any, are you making to your digital footprint as a result of data breaches, information on how personal information is used, your perception of social media, or other factors?

We wouldn’t believe this shit if it was scripted for TV

Yes. I have seen the Peloton ad. Do we need to stage a rescue for this woman or what? (The Great and Good Mull breaks it down a bit more.)

Gotta hand it to Ryan Reynolds, though, this almost-immediate follow up ad was genius. I hope this actress rides (if you’ll pardon the pun) her fifteen seconds for all they are worth.

Go Miguel!

Diplomacy is going great, team…

Investigative journalism.

I’m always here for the podcast rankings, oversaturated as my beloved medium market may be.

Being a woman caught between nations is such a strange thing. I’m invested in so many elections in which I can’t participate, but which intimately affect my life. Both of “my” countries feel so deeply unmoored and subdivided right now. But I feel as though Britain–smaller, more internally diverse and multi-national in its own right–should serve for a lesson for the rest of the democratic west. This election feels like a bellwether.

Color me underwhelmed. (See what I did there? See?!)

I’m actually interested in this live action remake, what on earth is happening. (Editor’s note: Gong Li was what was happening. C. has had a crush on her for literal years.)

At this point this is the only famous person I still care about, and he still has much to teach us.


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