“Weekend” Links

Happy Monday-after-Thanksgiving, kittens! We spent a few days on break and hanging out with friends, blissfully ignorant to most of the world, and it was delightful. But I would never leave you totally defenseless to face the week…have a nice batch of reading to kick off December!

We’re all a lot more conscious of how our digital data is being used (which is a good thing!). If you want to have a bit more control over your data situation overall, this handy primer with links on how to “opt out” out of common data handlers is a useful read.

Small Dog Nation loves a heist.

We’re not ready for 2020, the latest episode.

So long, fare well, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

An interesting change for Londoners, and interesting in the ongoing debates about the gig economy and related topics.

Not great.

You might think that e-books meant easier experiences for readers at libraries…but you’d be wrong! A fascinating dive into why e-books, which could theoretically democratize books in so many ways also suffer from some peculiar limitations.

What a pleasing project!

A perfectly seasonal and topically appropriate piece.

My fellow winter lovers, unite.

This planet is going to shake us off like a case of the fleas….

Ditto above, this time from the sea.

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people?!

This is such a Small Dog Nation catnip story.

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