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Sorry for the gap last week, kittens, but I didn’t want to leave you bereft for two weekends in a row. Enjoy!

Even by the standards of 2019, the changing justifications for Mr. Trump’s behaviour towards Ukraine have been ridiculous and annoying. The sheer audacity to move the goalposts this much, this blatantly is insulting.

Also even by 2019 standards, this is a bit thick on the irony and grimness.

This has been an odd story. On the one hand, we’ve known he’s racist for a very long time. He’s not been shy about his views at all. On the other, it’s darkly fascinating to see it laid out in such stark detail.


Limewire was probably the first website I have a distinct memory of when it comes to the internet of 20 years ago. I was never on MySpace or LiveJournal, so this was a big one.

What a ride this story is!

A fantastic piece on the role of our Queen and Saviour Beyoncé as an individual performer and her powerful role in black art in the 21st century. It also features the work of other pioneering performers of colour who are breaking moulds, and almost all of whom I love. What I most appreciate about this piece is its emphasis on the quantity and scale of work it has taken to achieve and sustain the success–a nice alternative to the flashy stories of easy genius far too many believe or hope for. An important aspect of my deep love for Beyoncé is that it’s known how hard the woman works. I don’t fetishize it, but I respect the hell out of it.  


This is a reboot I’m wholly in favour of!

The truth about me is not that I’m volatile and unstable, but that I’m really vibrant, and the color of my sorrow is just as bright as the stripes of my delight.” This interview actually made me tear up a bit.

Bill Gates has been in a bit of hot water regarding the mood towards taxation recently, and I think a lot of that criticism is deserved, but I also think his investment in disease prevention is very admirable and worthy as well. This latest project reveal is also something I was fascinated and pleased to read about.

Vive les canards!

Sometimes I’m crippled by imposter syndrome, convinced I’m bad at my job. And then I see what other communications or marketing people manage to churn out and I’m comforted.

Also, PR people! You don’t notice their worth until yours quits and you go on to do That Interview with predictable results.

This is the only explicitly political story I am sharing this week–not because I don’t think the news isn’t important (quite the reverse!) but because there is so much of it every single day that trying to recap it is a fools errand and there are actual pros doing that work for you. Which you should be reading, following and listening to. Anyway. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear that the administration didn’t actually want an investigation into a political opponent so much as they wanted the show of one. Because that’s what they are: reality TV producers whose primary goal has always been crafting a narrative more than accomplishment. Anyone who says differently at this point is so obviously lying that it’s hardly worth arguing.

Emma is the best JA heroine. Do not @ me.

This is devastating

Damn. I lied, I’m also sharing this story because Dr. Fiona Hill managed to cut through bullshit, disinformation, and bad faith with knife like precision and deserves recognition. She was polite in the face of monologuing, clear when others tried to obfuscate, and firm in her defense of her profession and its importance. Our world order doesn’t work without seasoned diplomats.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain….

The founder walked away with a billion dollars. With a B.

Speaking of, you don’t always expect comedians to make these point this calmly or pointedly, but Sacha Baron Cohen made a personal case for why six billionaires do and should not have the right to wield as much power as they do.

Speaking of again, the bullshit our mythologized rich people get away with never ceases to amaze me.

We’re not ready for 2020 and it’s going to be so ugly I can barely breathe thinking about it.

Reader, I cackled.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. She’s back!

    Loved the Jenny Slate piece — and that video???! OMG.

    Team Fiona Hill, especially her reason for coming to the U.S. — because the toffs at Oxford were so rude and demeaning she went to St. Andrews — but wanted a career UNlimited by snobbery over her Durham, accent.

    Did you LOVE Lizzo’s Tiny Desk concert?

    1. I’m baaaack!

      I cannot express how magnificent I thought Dr. Hill was. Crisp, clear, and slicing through bullshit left and right. In a just world, she’d be future secretary of state material.

      And yes, I have loved every single thing Lizzo has ever gifted us with…and how the entire of the NPR social media feed landscape turned into a fan account on the day her TDC went live. The recent VMA performance is one for the books!

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