Weekend Links, Moving Day Edition

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” 
― Rodney Dangerfield

Kittens! I type the final notes on this week’s links drop to you from my absolutely madhouse of an apartment just before the movers show up. Please send prayers, votive offerings, or appropriately slaughtered sacrifices to your deity of choice on our behalf today. I leave you in the comforting arms of a nice bunch of reading material.

I cannot go into everything that happened in British politics this week, suffice to say it’s been BONKERS. I recommend The Guardian’s news podcast Today in Focus for several of their most recent episodes regarding the recent slings and arrows, but also their Brexit updates over previous months to try and catch up.

Too much advice about going green involves pushing slightly less toxic alternatives to things we don’t particularly need, to distract us from thinking about whether they were necessary in the first place.”

More information on the Second Hand September campaign.

Two articles, one British and one American, about who has really benefited from property and development investment in recent years.

It’s sacrilegious but I chuckled.

Hurricanes are getting stronger, and here’s some science as to why.

Who doesn’t love baby pandas?

Know her name.

If you’ve ever wondered about the afterlife of famous puppets, wonder no more!

My generation may be losing its faith in, well, faith. And not just religiously.

The ONLY perspective I am sharing on the sheer stupidity that is Sharpiegate: “He has a tremendous skill for controlling and crafting narrative, but instead of using that for any kind of shared vision, it’s always only about himself.”

ETA: FFS. He’s so fucking good at reality TV marketing that it sometimes makes my teeth hurt.

Here, clean your eyes and soul by donating to the INCREDIBLE humanitarian work coordinated by Chef Jose Andres who is setting the standard for crisis responsiveness with food at this point.

Three of these are absolutely our love languages.

Etsy was supposed to be different.”

Because 2019 is a shitshow and the universe knew we all needed a win and that Lizzo was the one to deliver.

Speaking of Lizzo, I’m excited for Hustlers and did not know it was inspired by true events.

On the flipside, Lana Del Ray reacted very poorly to what was (I and a lot of other people thought) a very thoughtful and in depth review from one of the best respected critics in the biz. Sorry, LDL, but this ain’t it.

Dear god, why?! Why would anyone give that hellsite more of their intimate life details?

Ronan Farrow has dropped a book on the tactics wealth men have used to systematically silence victims bury evidence of their abuse. He’s also dropped some serious reporting on how notable organizations courted Jeffrey Epstein’s wealth, showing how this system works in detail. Keep going, Mr. Farrow.

The Atlantic is going to a subscriber model but I will absolutely be spending money on a subscription because their wide-ranging reporting–never anything to sniff at–has been especially brilliant of late. Especially in the health and lifestyle arena. This week in shocking but not surprising: vaping is problematic.

Retaliatory politics. Cool cool cool.

STIFLING politics. Cooler cooler cooler.

Gerrymandered politics from known biased operatives (see the citizenship question for the census). Coolest coolest coolest.

Who on earth thought this was going to be an okay (or intelligent!) move?

Another pop culture item I am late to is Schitt’s Creek, which is just as wonderful as everyone says. This summary of the dating history of the daughter of the house/motel had me in stitches. Spoilers, duh.

This…this is a tale….

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